Our Mission Statement

Potomac Energy Group, Inc. is one of the premier MEP Consulting Engineering firms in the region providing the highest standard quality of cost effective, innovative and environmentally responsible designs. In a service based industry we take the word “service” seriously.

Service to our Clients and to our Community

PEG shall strive to provide the highest quality level designs that are both environmentally responsible and cost effective for our clients. Our commitment to excellence has helped PEG establish its reputation and has earned us the respect of our colleagues and established long-term client relationships that ultimately have provided the foundation of our continued growth.

Service to our Employees

PEG shall strive to provide our employees with the opportunity for professional and personal growth. Our commitment to provide a work environment that offers mutual respect, future growth potential and financial rewards has contributed to our having a well-established and experienced staff with a camaraderie and a sense of purpose and contribution to our overall success.

Service to our Financial Success

PEG shall strive to be a financially successful company. This goal enables us to work towards the aforementioned goals of growth, opportunity and financial rewards for the firm and its employees, further research and development in the ever-changing engineering industry and on- going training and education for our staff. This, in turn, enables PEG to continue providing the superior engineering consulting services to our clients and community, just as we have done for over thirty years.